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Explore Businesses and places in Verdun, Montreal, Communaute urbaine de montreal, Quebec

ACCESS Open Minds


Address: 6625 Boulevard LaSalle, Verdun, QC H4H 1J9, Canada

Phone: (514) 761-6131 ext. 6209
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Address: 700 Rue de Gaspé, Verdun, QC H3E 1H2, Canada

Phone: (514) 573-7991
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Restaurant Bingo


Address: 5561 Rue de Verdun, Verdun, QC H4H 1L2, Canada

Phone: (514) 768-5745
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Esthetique La Quintessence Inc


Address: 710 Rue Richard, Verdun, QC H4H 2A6, Canada

Phone: (514) 288-0689
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Pizzeria Geppetto Verdun


Address: 5583 Rue de Verdun, Verdun, QC H4H 1L2, Canada

Phone: (514) 543-7424
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Marche Tondreau

Store Supermarket

Address: 5589 De Verdun, Montréal, QC H4H 1L2, Canada

Phone: (514) 761-0976
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Beaulieu Paulette Denturologiste

Dentist Health

Address: 659 Rue Beatty, Verdun, QC H4H 1X9, Canada

Phone: (514) 364-7109
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La petite Bourgeoise


Address: 611 Rue Manning, Verdun, QC H4H 1Z7, Canada

Phone: (514) 806-5983
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Atm Car wash Convenience store Gas station Store

Address: 22 Place du Commerce, Verdun, QC H3E 1V7, Canada

Phone: (514) 769-9503
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PH 1 - 3 Garden

Real estate agency

Address: 222 Rue Berlioz, Verdun, QC H3E 1B8, Canada

Phone: (514) 769-8982
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몬트리올 한인교회The Montreal Korean Community Church(주일예배 오후 1시30분)


Address: 4322 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1W4, Canada

Phone: (514) 232-2674
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RBC Royal Bank

Atm Bank

Address: 4370 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1W4, Canada

Phone: (514) 762-3100
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Tim Hortons


Address: 30, Rue De L'eglise, Verdun, QC H4G 2L9, Canada

Phone: (514) 439-8438
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Emmane B Design (by appointment only)

Clothing store Store

Address: 211 Rue Gordon, Verdun, QC H4G 2R2, Canada

Phone: (514) 262-4829
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Address: 4120 Boulevard LaSalle, Verdun, QC H4G 2A5, Canada

Phone: (514) 761-1621
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Club Raft

Travel agency

Address: 4700 Boulevard LaSalle, Verdun, QC H4G 2B6, Canada

Phone: (438) 823-2471
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Parc Monseigneur-Langlois


Address: Rue Galt, Montréal, QC H4G 1V7, Canada

Phone: (514) 872-0311
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Freres Du Sacre-Coeur


Address: 174 Rue Rielle, Verdun, QC H4G 2S5, Canada

Phone: (514) 769-7462
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Durabath Products and Services

Home goods store Store

Address: 411 Rue Argyle, Verdun, QC H4H 1T9, Canada

Phone: (514) 762-2246
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OMR Alliages Inc


Address: 752 Chemin du Golf, Verdun, QC H3E 1A8, Canada

Phone: (514) 769-2636
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