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Explore Businesses and places in Esquimalt, Capital, British columbia

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Craigflower Foods

Store Supermarket

Address: 811 Craigflower Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 2W8, Canada

Phone: (250) 383-2187
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English Inn


Address: 429 Lampson St, Victoria, BC V9A 5Y9, Canada

Phone: (250) 388-4353
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First Priority Service Contractors


Address: 404 Treebank Rd E, Victoria, BC V9A 4H6, Canada

Phone: (250) 588-2430
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Mobile Auto Repair

Car repair

Address: 829B Admirals Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 3L7, Canada

Phone: (778) 400-1692
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David Laurin


Address: 5 481 Head, Victoria, BC V9A 5S1, Canada

Phone: (250) 818-2647
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Esquimalt Eco tours

Travel agency

Address: C/O Westbay Marina, 453 Head St, Victoria, BC V9A 5S1, Canada

Phone: (778) 535-7744
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2 Guys & A Press


Address: 830 Devonshire Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 4T4, Canada

Phone: (250) 384-5643
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Esquimalt Pharmasave

Health Pharmacy Store

Address: 1-1153 Esquimalt Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 3N7, Canada

Phone: (250) 388-6451
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Wychbury Ave Soap Shop


Address: 1011 Wychbury Ave, Victoria, BC V9A 5K7, Canada

Phone: (250) 882-9450
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AP Tackleworks


Address: 1036 Munro St, Victoria, BC V9A 5N9, Canada

Phone: (250) 818-8145
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Fleet Mail Office Victoria

Post office

Address: 37 Hospital Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 7N2, Canada

Phone: (250) 363-2174
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Fibre Tech Carpet Care Ltd.


Address: 527 Constance Ave #101, Victoria, BC V9A 6N5, Canada

Phone: (778) 433-9348
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Ron Sandor’s

Electronics store Home goods store School Store

Address: 645 Grenville Ave, Victoria, BC V9A 6L3, Canada

Phone: (250) 881-5549
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Bootcamp-Tamara's Fitness

Gym Health

Address: 655 Grenville Ave, Victoria, BC V9A 6L4, Canada

Phone: (250) 516-5040
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PipeScope Services

Home goods store Plumber Store

Address: 842 Admirals Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 2P2, Canada

Phone: (778) 403-1445
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1 Hour Water Heaters

Home goods store Plumber Store

Address: 842 Admirals Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 2P2, Canada

Phone: (778) 403-1445
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St. George Ukrainian and St. Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox ተዋህዶ Chu


Address: 1100 Colville Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 4P7, Canada

Phone: (250) 381-1352
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Naden Athletic Centre

Gym Health

Address: 1200 Woodway Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6Y6, Canada

Phone: (250) 363-5677
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Rockcrest Natural Park


Address: Esquimalt, BC V9A 4W2, Canada

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Rockheights Middle School


Address: 1250 Highrock Ave, Victoria, BC V9A 4V7, Canada

Phone: (250) 384-7125
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